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Good Monday morning to you!

I'm leaning back into a regular yoga practice and it feels blissful. Yoga is a beautiful compliment to the six week meditation course I'm taking at the Rochester Meditation Center

I'm looking forward to taking a hot yoga class at Roca later this week. So far I've been taking classes at a new downtown studio in Rochester called Yoga Tribe MN. There are a variety of instructors and classes offered and each guide adds their own personality/insight/intention. 

Last night I went to a yin yoga class with Rosei and it was phenomenally restorative! Very slow and restful moments. The other two classes were much more enlivening. I am grateful that there are so many forms of yoga; also grateful that there are multiple places to practice in Rochester. Here's a link to the May schedule at Yoga Tribe MN

If you're considering developing a practice, I encourage you to go for it - follow that nudge.

If classes are out of the question (for whatever reason), another good option is free Youtube videos or yoga DVDs from the library! There is a huge collection of wellness and exercise DVDs at the Rochester Public Library. 

I have learned at this point in my own journey that attending an actual class is the difference between me actually doing it - and just aspiring to do it. Until I'm in the studio and have invested financially in it, it's hard for me to give myself permission to do it and refrain from anything else for that 60-90 minutes. But when I do - I'm always glad. 


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