2017 Synod Assembly

Today is set-up day at the Mayo Civic Center, and this weekend is the 30th annual Southeastern Minnesota Synod Assembly. It's that time of year again! Wow! May has arrived! 

I wrote about the "tech" aspect of the experience for a column in the Post-Bulletin a few years ago; here's a link to that column. I'm excited to see Ed, Skot, and Paul again this year as well as an awesome crew of videographers and volunteers. It takes so many people to make the assembly happen. Quite an eye-opener for me. I had no idea!

A bonus of this year is that I've been invited to preach tomorrow morning for the assembly's opening worship. Please send your warm energies and prayers. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to dive into the 21st chapter of John and swim around with folks. Nervous? Of course! But most trying to remember to breathe and meditate and trust that all shall be well. And then I'll rejoin my crew in the booth and jump right back into the "tech production" role which will be life-giving/anxiety-provoking/awesome as well. 😜

If you're interested in any of the assembly materials, they're all on the synod website at http://semnsynod.org/assembly2017. 

Have a great day and a beautiful weekend! Here in Minnesota, they're predicting warmth and sunshine. Soak it in!

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