We had a big ol' snow storm in Rochester yesterday! Somewhere between 12-16 inches! I'm very grateful to have arranged for snow removal at the new place on Thursday; alleluia.

My first week in the new place has gone well. Everything is now unpacked. A few more loads headed to Goodwill. The house feels like home. I am grateful.

I went to a great conference in Minneapolis on Tuesday hosted by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. It was focused on communications. I learned so much...and am feeling very motivated to take advantage of those types of learning opportunities. The landscape of communications is changing rapidly. I left the conference feeling energized but also aware of how much room there is for growth and continual improvement. I have so much to learn.

It's Saturday morning as I'm typing this, and I'm waiting outside the library. FYI...they open at 930AM and not 9AM. ☺ I am very thankful for our Rochester Public Library and looking forward to participating in more events here now that I am in town.

Oh! Looks like they're unlocking the library entrance. Time to get my learning groove on.
Have a great weekend!

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