Epiphany and Free Printable

How's your new year going? We're now 6 days into 2017. You liking it? Loving it? Perhaps you just can't get enough of it?

It's Epiphany today. 

Here's the column for this weekend. In it I explore the story of the magi and the star. Herod's invite to Jesus' baby shower got lost in the mail. 

I grateful each week for the opportunity to write the Holy Everything column. The columns in which I get the chance to dive into a biblical text are really fun and remind me of serving in the parish.

One of the things I loved most about teaching confirmation was that it was a chance to explore the story of Jesus with people of generational backgrounds other than my own! I loved their thoughts, questions, and perspectives - and I loved having regular opportunities to experience the Bible as an adventure rather than an irrelevant tome. 

In this week's column, I mention that the star led the magi on a journey they didn't anticipate. In life, we have opportunities to follow paths we didn't anticipate, too.

2016 was a great year in Emily world, and I'm excited to see how 2017 shapes out. Two of the stars that I followed in 2016 led me to new passions: 1) design and 2) finances/frugal living.

Saving money and living in an environmentally-friendly way have become hobbies over the last few months. I can't even tell you how much joy it brings me to not spend money. If you want to talk finances, I'll dig in anytime!

I've learned a lot since I started "Debt free by 2015" back in 2013. And then I learned an especially lot in 2016 as I got 'er done and paid it all off...goodbye Mayo debt and student loans. Now I'm in the process of buying a home! So I'll be back in debt, but it feels like a good step in my journey.

I'm wondering where to follow these "Frugal Living" and "Healthy Finances" stars - and wondering if they might be leading me to new creative/writing opportunities.

The other star I've been following since I became Director of Communications for the synod in 2013 is design! I love creating visuals...and using visuals to shape a story. I am a complete novice at design and 100% self-taught. I have so much to learn. But tools like InDesign, Acrobat Pro, PicMonkey, and Canva make it easier than ever! It is so much fun to me.

I'm hoping to do more creating of visuals and provide them to you, beloved blog readers.

This first creation is a fillable PDF to highlight monthly goals. You can download it and type right in. Or you can print it out and use pen/marker. Perhaps you can post it in your planner, on your fridge, or on your mirror!

Enjoy! Click this image to be connected with the PDF file.

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