This week's Frugal Find

Do you live near a Cub foods? We have one in Rochester, and today's Frugal Finds can be found at Cub! Get this: THEY GIVE AWAY TOTALLY FREE STUFF.

YES - THAT'S RIGHT. FREE. They have something called Friday Freebie. Sometimes there are TWO Friday Freebies. And sometimes Cub has other random coupons in there app for free stuff, too. 

Like this...

I would generally never spend $2 on an individual yogurt. 

But a free fancy organic, whole milk yogurt?

Oh yes, yes, yes. Sign me up!

This yogurt was legitimately one of the best yogurts I've ever tasted. Very much like Noosa. Creamy, decadent, fruity. Yogurt perfection. And the fact that it was free was extra delicious. 

To get the free Cub goodness, you've got to get the Cub app and load the coupons onto the app. Another cool thing about Cub: you can stack coupons. App coupons + paper manufacturer's coupons + store sales = great deals. They also have gas discounts connected with Holiday stations.

There are a number of places in the Rochester area that allow for the stacking of coupons. This includes Walgreens, HyVee (they're rocking it with their Fuel Saver program; people LOVE it!), and Family Dollar. Do you know of others? 

Her'e's what I'm learning...the best deals come through a combination of smart use of cell phone apps, paper coupons, sale prices, Ibotta, and common sense. 


Otherwise, it's wasted money. 

But - if you combine coupon stacking with the Ibotta app when applicable, you're talking MAJOR savings. Have you already signed up for Ibotta? If not - please use my sign-up code when you create your account. My code is chslbos. You get a $10 bonus after you get your first rebate, and I get a lil' kickback, too. If you're interested, go for it! It's easy and kind of fun. 

 I hope you're happy week full of smart spending and spectacular saving! 

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