Frugal Finds

I'm learning that there are many ways to save money on food and groceries. Couponing and Ibotta and the various apps associated with each store...plus all kinds of tips and tricks available online through blogs and websites.

That being said...saving money can also be a rabbit hole...and a huge time-suck - so I'm trying to balance learning this new language of frugality with continuing to use time in other life-giving ways. I don't want to spend the majority of my time figuring out how to save money on food. But I do want to take advantage of good deals whenever I need to spend money! 

In case you're interested in good deals, too - I have two for you this week. 

Both of this week's frugal finds are at Target! 

First up....

Chobani Mezi Dip. Ticketed price: $3.59 for a 10 oz container (available in the deli section). 

By utilizing the Cartwheel app, I earned 50% off - bringing it down to $1.79. And then using the Ibotta app, I earned $1.50 cash back (which I get put into my bank account using Paypal...but can also be redeemed for gift cards). 

That brings the total cost down to about $0.29. 

29 cents. For a whole container of delicious, nutritious dip!

WHAT?! Yes! Really! I tried the roasted red pepper flavor. It's a yogurt-based dip and terrific with corn chips and cucumbers (which I have in abundance from my Featherstone Farm CSA). The Cartwheel deal expires on September 10, and I'm not sure when the Ibotta cashback expires. If you like dip, I'd definitely encourage you to try it out. And at less than 30 cents, you can't really go wrong. I may go back before the 10th and snap up couple of the other flavors! 

And deal #2: Pumpkin Spice Cheerios (for a giggle, click here to listen to a rant from John Oliver)

Okay, okay...I get it...pumpkin spice cheerios...sounds a little weird. But guess what? They're good! The sale price at Target is currently $2.50 a box (I snagged the last two boxes on the shelf earlier this week at Target South in Rochester, but I bet they've restocked by now). Using the Cartwheel app saves another 25% bringing the cost down to $1.87 per box. And using a manufacturer's coupon from coupon.com, I saved another $1. Bringing the total down to $1.37 per box! That's a lot of cheerios for just over a buck! 

I've been looking for a good snack alternative to my obsession with protein bars. I like protein bars, but they're pricey and so darn dense. Cheerio bars are just what the budget ordered! I adapted a few recipes and made it in a wok on the stove. 

*Melt 1/2 cup natural peanut butter, 4 tablespoons butter, and a bag of mini marshmallows (I'd been trying to find a way to use those up for ages!)
*After you've got a good goo going, add in 5 cups of cheerios - flavor of choice. Mix it all up. 
*Pack the mixture down into a pan and chill. 

(And then quickly wash everything because that melted goo hardens QUICK)

There are many possible variations of this recipe, but this one turned out great! 
(Though I think I'd add more peanut butter next time). 

Have you snagged any great deals this week? 

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