I'm going forward.

I have been pretty open about the fact that I'm in a "rebuilding" phase of my life's journey. And I'll tell you what: 2016 is rocking my socks off. The whole collection. Every sock. In the best possible way. 

The routines. The attitude. The bone broth. The friendships. The family. The platelets (I've had a "normal" count for almost 3 weeks!). Preaching. Writing. Quiet time. It's good stuff. Nourishing stuff. Like love-glue that is melding the fractions of my broken self back together...in a healthier way than they've ever been pieced together before. 

I wake up energized. I go to sleep ready for rest. I'm finding a pace and a rhythm. I'm healing and processing. Letting the feelings come and then letting the feelings go. More joy - less dwelling. More movement - less fixating. 

I wore some of my favorite vintage shoes to work today. They are black and white and have a heel that clip-clops whenever I'm on a hard surface. 

I work at Assisi Heights in Rochester. It's a beautiful building with long hallways. I was walking through one of those hallways to go to the bathroom this morning, and a Catholic sister who resides there was walking down the hallway quite a few paces in front of me. As I continued walking, she spoke: "That sounds like the steps of a very determined person. A woman who knows where she is headed. A woman who knows where she's going in life."

Then she turned around. 

I smiled and said, "Yes, I'm headed on my way to the bathroom."

She smiled and laughed. She wasn't talking about my immediate destination. She was hinting at something else: "I heard those steps and I thought, "That's a determined person."

We smiled and exchanged wishes for a good day ahead. She went up the elevator. I continued to the rest room. 

And all day I've been thinking about her words and my current footing. I feel grounded these days. My steps do feel different. More sure. Less fearful. More confident. Less hesitant. 

She's right. I am a determined person. And while I don't know any of the specifics, I do know where I'm going in life.


I'm going forward.  

One determined step at a time.



  1. I've always loved those shoes on you! Forward, indeed!

    1. Thanks, Anj! I hope your trip has been so full of beauty and joy.

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    1. Thanks, Paul! Go, go, go, indeed. Love that sentiment.

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    1. Thank you, Forrest! I hope the new vocational adventures have been life-giving!