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*Written while listening to this jam by Little People*

Are you on the mailing list for Mindful Magazine? I like their newsletter. A recent issue included a link to this article "7 Meditation Talks to Inspire You." I'm working my way through the videos mentioned in the article. So far, so good. There are sure a lot of brilliant, mindful people out there.

Here's a worthwhile article by Christine Carter about creating a "NOT to do list." Interesting! The premise being that what we DON'T choose to do contributes just as much to our happiness as what we choose TO do. 

Quick shout-out to Asana - my favorite online project management tool. I started using it a year ago (and they sent me a free shirt to celebrate!) but I didn't REALLY start using it to more of its capacity/potential until the past month. BONUS: It's free! It's really keeping me on track at work. If you're a person who works in a position that requires a lot of different hats on any given day, I highly recommend Asana to keep track of the details/deadlines/goals. 

One more link for you today...

As I'm sure you've gathered by this point, I'm on a lot of newsletter lists. I find them interesting for a few reasons. #1: I love learning and I try to subscribe to newsletters that help me learn about the topics I find interesting in quick, easily digestible bites. And #2: As a communicator, I'm fascinated by how other people/organizations create and disseminate information. I'm on the "Walk with a Doc" newsletter list, and I think this list of 100 reasons (with sources!) is fantastic. It's a good resource to keep handy on those days when I feel utterly unmotivated. I used to think exercise had to be mega intense to count. Not true. Walking is legit. In fact, it's too legit. Too legit to quit. 

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