Music Monday

A new week is here. 


I ended up having to get more platelets after work on Friday. 
So...that was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
So...that was a lot of platelets and a lot of platelet donors.

But...great news! The count is way, way up to 215 today. I should be in the clear for at least a couple weeks and hopefully indefinitely. Thanks for all the encouragements and check-ins last week. The bruises are fading. The dots are almost gone. And I am feeling mega-energized...mind, body, and spirit. 

In fact, I just spent the last 30 minutes having a dance party in my bedroom under the twinkling Christmas lights. 

Songs for this week....

Love Yourself by J Biebz

Sorry by J Biebz

In Too Deep by Genesis

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

Elizabeth by Indigo Girls

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