First, let me tell you about this.
It's my Christmas cactus!
I kept two tiny clippings of this little friend alive in nothing but water for 2+ years (whoops).
Last year, I planted it.
And now....IT'S BLOOMING.
So darn it excited. It was the perfect celebratory symbol for today....my half-birthday. 
I like half-birthdays because they remind me of elementary school.

Summer birthday kids like me celebrated our half-birthdays so we'd still get a day to bring treats to school. December 15th has been a favorite day ever since. Also awesome....today's devotion from my Daily Affirmations book. Soak it in, folks. It is SPOT on for where I'm at on the journey. 


Good, huh? 
"I will not alienate myself from my needs and feelings by pretending I'm something Im not."

Love that last line, too. 
"Through the course of this day, I will proudly introduce the "real" me to those around me."

I tell you what. I truly feel like the Spirit of God is at work in a host of different, interconnected ways. And this particular devotion today was a great source of encouragement to me. 

Hope you're having a great December 15th!

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