Up North

Grand Marais, Grand Portage, Lookout Mountain, Blueberry Mountain...these are a few of my favorite things!

Mom and I LOVED June 15-June 20. It was northern bliss. And then June 21 we celebrated my mom's birthday and Joshua joined the fun. Yahoo!

I'll share more highlights in the coming weeks - and photos, too. I'm preaching these weekend at Bethel in Rochester - and then officiating a wedding on July 4 and preaching/presiding at Grand Meadow Lutheran on July 5. So I will likely not be blogging too much between now and then. Please know all is well! And I'm trying to figure out how to spend as much time outside (and up north) as possible.

Happy belated Father's Day to my dad, Todd, and to all the other pops and grandpops out there!

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