Music Monday

It snowed all day yesterday here in southeastern Minnesota. And that provided the perfect excuse to stay cozy indoors and GET ORGANIZED! I finally got an outline of all upcoming freelance speaking gigs, writing assignments, pulpit supplying, and wedding officiating. I had been skirting along for several months (or actually...about a year)...taking things at they came without much pre-strategizing/visioning. But I like to plan, and I do my best work when I have ample time/energy to invest ahead of time. But life, platelets, a bad cold, and a perpetual state of distraction had gotten in the way. I am feeling so good and so thankful to have a good vision of what's coming up from now through September! Alleluia! 

Here are some tunes for your week; today it's all about Airling (with a Chet Faker bonus). They are a pretty mysterious band; it's hard to find out much online. But I LOVE their mellow, chill sound. My current fav. 

Wasted Pilots by Airling

Ouroboros by Airling

Where You Are by Airling

The Runner by Airling

Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker

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