Tuesday reading

How was your Tuesday?

I am OBSESSED with cooking applesauce and beans in the pressure cooker. Just ask my mom - who has to hear about it over the phone, in person, or via text just about every single day. "Hey, Mom, guess what? I cooked more beans." "Mom, I made applesauce. You want some?" "Mom..more beans...look (attach photo of beans)."

In non-bean news...this is a jam-packed week in Emily world. I'm trying to stay mindful and in the moment, but my mind is racing with how to get it all done and do a quality job. Work is mega-full at the moment; all good. But each day is packed and I am perpetually behind (I think I will always be behind in this job). Non-day job activities for the rest of the week include...

-Wednesday: Another awesome week if teaching Confirmation at Zumbro
-Thursday: Attending a play at 8pm in Rochester with a groovy gal pal
-Friday: Pastor gathering (hoping to attend if I can get adequately prepared for Saturday/Sunday activities ahead of time)
-Saturday: Keynote speaker for the WELCA Luncheon at Zumbro; speaking on Women as Leaders
-Sunday: Pulpit supply leading/preaching in Eyota

So, in the midst of feeling a little overwhelmed, I opened up to a page in Soul Pancake by Rainn Wilson.


It's filled with all kinds of soul provoking, thought enhancing questions and artwork. Today's question to ponder...


I invite you to chew on this a bit. If you feel like sharing in the comments, please do. If you'd rather just let some thoughts roll around in your head, that's cool, too.

But take a little time. And perhaps figure out a way to incorporate some recharging into your life by month's end.

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