My favorite feature of my house is the views of the sunrise and the sunset. It's hard to imagine leaving this rental because of the beautiful scenes.This is a photo of this morning's sunrise. The sky was bright pink right as the sun was climbing above the horizon. Then the clouds rolled in and the pinks faded. I was thankful to have witnessed the beauty. It was a nice start to the day. 

There are weeks when it feels like I had to learn more than I wanted to learn.

This was one such week.

In every area of my life, it was a week of learning, acceptance, and processing. 

I like learning lessons about life. But not so much - and not all at once. I'm tired. 

And tomorrow I plan to have a full day off - no commitments - no speaking engagements - no preaching - no preparing - no writing - no listening to anyone - no helping anyone fix anything. Maybe that sounds selfish. But I just need a day of self-care. I'm at max capacity...running on all cylinders.

 I'm planning to wake up in restful, peaceful, thankful mood by Sunday morning....
ready for a new week. 

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  1. A beautiful setting indeed.

    Taking time off is vitally important; so glad you're embracing a self-care day.