Reformation Prayer

Many Lutheran congregations will be celebrating the Reformation tomorrow during worship. But Reformation Sunday isn't limited to one particular denomination. We can all celebrate the way the Holy Spirit is daily at work among and within us - reforming us - reforming our institutions - reforming our hopes, dreams, broken places, and desires. 

A Reformation Sunday prayer...

Spirit of God,
From the beginning you have re-formed.
You have taken the chaos and fragments and pieces of our lives
and reformed them. 
Into possibility, hope, dreams, and potential.
Your reforming work continues.
Enable us to believe it today. 
Where we are hopeless,
where we are fearful,
where we are uneasy,
where we are resentful,
where we hold grudges,
where we hold anger,
where we hold regret,
where we hold disbelief,
reform us. 
Thank you for never giving up on your creation,
and for continuing to reform your church and your people,
every moment of every day. 


  1. Thank you, Emily. Your prayer is much appreciated.

  2. Perfect day for this prayer. Thank you, Em.