Blood Moon

I woke up at 4:00AM today. I had excited stomach. I was ready for the lunar eclipse...which is also being called a Blood Moon. Here...you can see it. It's the tiny dot in this photo. 

My platelets fell to 8 yesterday. So I had to get a unit of platelets after work. It was the first time I've gotten platelets since the "incident" 2 months ago...the allergic reaction. 

You'll be glad to know I did not have an allergic reaction last night. It went pretty smoothly, and my friends Lisa, Dan, and my mom came to visit. Got there around 5:30PM, and I was home by 9:00PM. 

I cried awhile at my desk at work when the count came back. And I cried from work to the hospital. But that was it. No more tears after that...I was mostly just thinking about the eclipse. And how maybe witnessing a Blood Moon could heal my blood. 

So that's where I'm at now. Camped out with my squirrel hat, sleeping bag, and pillows. Watching the sky. Enjoying the beautiful moon and stars. Thinking about how I really should do this more often because it's so peaceful at this hour. 

God and Blood Moon and angels and stars, please heal my blood and my body. Please make it back to how it used to be when it wasn't eating platelets...before infusions and transfusions and hospitals.  And if I have to keep having this disease, please give me courage and a joyful heart...in the midst of things I do not understand. Mostly, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be a tiny speck in a giant universe. It's beautiful here.

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