Music Monday

Are you ready for some jams?
Ear candy.
Here you go....

A Dream of You and Me by Future Islands

Forever by HAIM

The Wire by HAIM

Seasons by Future Islands

If you're wondering if I'm still thinking about The Fault in Our Stars, the answer is...

So good.

Other updates:
-I'm still caffeine and diet-soda free - for 2+ weeks. The caffeine withdraw headaches are gone. What remains is a much sleepier Emily.
-Pappy's Place in Rochester is pretty delicious.
-I've really been focusing on increasing my iron intake to alleviate the anemia situation. It has been a fun project. What are your favorite sources of iron?
-I'm trying to teach myself Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign for work. It is a challenge - a great one....but a hard one! I am planning to take an InDesign class in July for 3 days. Any other tips?
-Had a great visit with Dr. Hook, my hematologist, last Wednesday. I'll have a weekly blood test. No more Promacta as soon as I'm done tapering off (alleluia....it helped for awhile, but I never felt great about that medicine). I'll have monthly IVIG infusions - but the dose will be considerably smaller. In the hospital this last time, I had 120 grams. For my monthly infusions, I'll have 24 grams. Hopefully it will work - and it should be manageable. And if I do have a spontaneous remission, then I won't have to do any infusions. Jackpot!
-It's almost my 31st birthday. I had planned to go to Cali for the week, but due to the ol' platelets, the flight and trip got cancelled. Any recommendations of adventures within 4 hours of Rochester? 


  1. One easy way to add iron (and lots of other nutrients) is to use spinach in place of lettuce in salads, sandwiches, etc.

    The Duluth harbor area and several state parks along the north shore of Lake Superior offer outstanding photographic opportunities and other fun, within 4 hours of here.

    1. Great thoughts, Paul. Thank you! Spinach is delicious. I saw giant bags of it for sale at Costco! Duluth is lovely; good tip.

  2. Soy beans (edamame) which you can buy from frozen aisle at the grocery store; canned sardines, clams, mussels, oysters, tofu. Several years ago, I was anemic and had to take iron pills, not fun!

    Duluth and Two Harbors are great places to visit. Split Rock light house is a neat place for photography.

    Ann S.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips, Ann! I love edamame. I'll try that. Also - isn't it amazing how much iron exists in clams?!?! Did you enjoy canned sardines and clams in any special fashion?

    2. You're welcome :)
      I don't have clams very often anymore but do like them steamed or in pasta. You can use canned sardines in salads, pasta, crackers, etc. however you like.

      Ann S.

  3. Thanks for sharing the music! Always on the lookout for those great expressions! Glad to hear you're doing well and there are lots of fun things to experience in the cities :)

    1. Chris!!!!! Hello! Yes - I could come and visit the Tripolinos. I am hoping to do so this summer. :) :) :)

  4. Head to Okoboji for the weekend! Lots of fun shops, Arnold's Park, hang out by the water, eat good food :-)

  5. I highly recommend The Naniboujou Lodge. Check it out: