Linkage por tu

I have some links for you.


But first....THANKS! I got a bunch of great recommendations for weekend activities. Gracias. I'm still not sure what the next several days will hold, but I'm excited.

I'm just a girl with plenty of platelets and a birthday on the way. I wonder where the weekend road will lead.

And now the linkage por tu... 

Epic clip from the Today show in 1994: "What is the Internet, anyway?"

The Composer's Datebook (I hear this most mornings on my way into work; it's very educational!)

Bonus life detail: I'm meeting with a realtor and a banker tomorrow. I MIGHT become a homeowner in the coming months. Not sure, not sure. Just gathering some data. It is exciting. I still dream of a tiny house. A lot. But those aren't legal here. So maybe I'll just get a small house and eventually build a tiny cabin on a lake someday.

Update (as of 6.14.14): Had a meeting with both a realtor and a mortgage lender. And.....I'm not sure it's the right time. I'm not concerned about the monthly payment. I'm concerned about the down payment. If I bought a house now, I'd have no money left. And that makes me a little anxious (although I know the funds would come back over time). If I can find a GREAT deal (less than $90,000), I will go for it this summer. If not, I will postpone. We shall see. It was a very educational experience yesterday! In the meantime, I am SOOOOO thankful for my wonderful rental house. :)


  1. Exciting times for a lovely lady. Have a terrific week and a very Happy Birthday, too.

  2. Yay, how cool! Have a very happy birthday, Em!