Home sweet home.

Wonderful friends and family: thanks for the love, support, prayers, and positive thoughts. I just got home. Alleluia. :) Five days in the hospital is about five days too many.

I am feeling quite good. I drank a lot of water throughout the whole five days, even when I was at my sickest from the infusion side effects. I really think that helped. And I kept eating at least a little bit, even when all smells and sounds made me sick.

I also stuck with just Tylenol and avoided all other pain and nausea meds. I think that helped, too. Last time I ended up getting even more sick from the meds.

Continued prayers appreciated. ITP is a weird disease. I would sure love to have a permanent remission. I am out of the hospital, but I am not cured. The journey continues with Promacta and regular blood tests a few times a week. And IVIG infusions when needed.

My goal is to have a spontaneous, permanent remission by August 30. It can happen for something like 5%-10% of people with Chronic ITP so I feel like that's reasonable. :)