Annie Mack

Last night some friends and I visited the Rochester Civic Theater for an awesome event. It was the kick-off of their 3-month focus on Celebrating Diversity and Inclusiveness.

"The Power of a Woman's Voice" is this year's theme.

Last night's event was centered on the amazing music of Annie Mack and her terrifically-talented band! Here's their website.

Annie's energy and talent fills up the room. She has a power-house voice, and conveys such a genuine love of music (and her band)! It was a joy to spend the evening listening to this crew. The music is a combo of jazz/gospel/soul/country. Much of what they played last night is original, and it was really good.

The songs are all honest - about real stories and real emotions. There are also overtones of encouragement and hope.

This song was one of my favorites. "Hey Mama." The video here is from a previous concert.

I highly encourage you to check-out this group if they are playing in your area! Also, be sure to participate in other events at the Rochester Civic Theater in the coming months.

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