Adventures: La Crosse Day

I love to take adventures, and this summer, my adventures are all relatively close to home.  But that's okay!  There are so many places to explore right in our very midst.  (BONUS: Next weekend I get to see my brother in Iowa.  YAHOO!!!!!)

On Sunday after church, Mom and I ventured to La Crosse, Wisconsin!  If you're looking for a fun place to go for the day, I highly recommend it.  It's only about 70 miles from Rochester.  While there we....

*Ate at Sushi Pirate
*Visited Granddad Bluff
*Took a hike near a marsh at the Myrick Hickson Ecopark
*Walked along the path in Riverside Park

First stop: Sushi Pirate. We didn't plan to go there, but once we saw the name, we realized we had to try it! Sushi Pirate?!?!?!  That's a brilliantly random name for a restaurant. We both loved the food. Seaweed salad, edamame, tempura veggies, and two veggie rolls.

Sushi Time

Sushi Emily 2
There is always time for silly faces on adventures.

Then came time for Granddad Bluff.  My advice: wait until you drive all the way to the top to park your car because there isn't a very good way to hike up there.  There's no sidewalk or trail area that we noticed.  But once you're at the top, soak in the lovely view!

Even the ants like the view!

After the bluff, we headed to the park to hike around the marsh.  SO MUCH WILDLIFE!
I had never been to an area like that before.
It was really special.  I continuously called it a swamp.
But it's actually a marsh.

Sadly, no kites allowed.
Good thing I left mine at home.  :)

 A majestic blue heron.

Our last stop was Riverside Park in downtown La Crosse.
It was a nice place to end an adventure-filled afternoon.

Do you have any favorite spots in La Crosse?
Leave a comment and share your suggestions.

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  1. The Freight House is my favorite restaurant in LaCrosse. A must do if you love King Crab Legs! YUM!

  2. Amy! I love crab legs! I'll have to try that! :)

  3. This one takes me back more than 20 years when my husband and I vacationed at a cottage in West Salem with our kids each summer. I have an album filled with LaCrosse beauty. Thanks for reminding me. We loved the park and zoo the most.