Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista: Plant Style

Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista

I'd like to introduce you to my beloved house plants today!
I started having plants shortly after becoming a pastor, and I really enjoy it.


This is the planter I have had the longest.  I got it about 2 years ago, and it is not vintage.
It's a cute little power plant!  I currently have wheat grass growing on top.

My beloved rosemary bush.  I received it as a gift, and I love it.
I need to utilize this delicious leaves more often!

Mr. Orchid.
This is Giant Plant (GP).  GP grows and grows.
I think she likes the record music that plays right beside her!

This is Marley!  He was named by my good friend, Cara.
She gave him to me when she finished up her internship year in Rochester.
Cara hoped that I'd take good care of Marley, and I've done my very best!
This is a new planter I got at a garage sale in town last weekend.
I love the birdies!  The man who sold it to me said it was his mother-in-law's from the 1940s.
I planted a small little plant inside, but I can't remember what kind of plant it is.
This is WK!  Weird Kitty!
Weird Kitty is a vintage planter, and I love her!
I planted some wheat grass seeds 4 days ago, and they are doing great!

If you ever want to plant something that grows SUPER FAST and is quite cheap,
get some wheat grass seeds.  You can also juice them for some very healthy green liquid to add to your smoothies!


  1. Love the weird kitty planter! (All of your plants look lovely.) Also, we have those turquoise and pink floral placemats... small world.

  2. :) Thanks Laura! Love that you have the same placemats!