Music Monday: Pop Fest with robot voice surprise!

Music Monday

Today's Music Monday is dedicated to one of my favorite genres: POP MUSIC!
I guess deep down inside, I'm still about 15-years-old.

Here is my new most favorite song! Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.
(This silly video version features lots of Disney channel celebs - and even Biebs!)

Another favorite: Part of Me by Katy Perry (GREAT song for rocking out with the windows down in the car)

Last spring, I listened to this next song on repeat for a long time, and I still love it!

Hang with Me by Robyn

And now it's time for my girl: Kimbra! She rocked it in Austin last week for South by Southwest!
Here's a whole 30-minute set. My favorite song starts around minute 18.

If you like Kimbra, check out this crazy version of Settle Down that she also performed at SXSW! Dang! NOTE TO SELF: I have GOT to get a robot voice machine!
#1: It would be awesome for sermons. #2: I can make crazy, awesome, robot voice music!

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