Music Monday: Bonus LFO Song!

Music Monday

And if My Heart Should Somehow Stop by James Vincent McMorrow

My Love by Sia

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars

WHAT!?!?! I forgot about the existence of this next late-1990s classic until I heard on the radio earlier this week! "Girl on TV" by LFO. I LOVED this song! There are so many terrible, awesome, ridiculous, lyrics contained in one song! Take a listen....

Now, a bonus silly photo! I got attacked by a patch of burs at the park!

Nature Hazard


  1. I first heard that Iron & Wine song on the Twilight soundtrack. It actually has a lot of great songs on it!

    I LOVED LFO in junior high... didn't even have to watch the video to remember all the words ;)

  2. Awesome!

    And now I want Scooby Snacks. (They sell those, you know, and while they are pretty good, they are not as delicious as I always imagined they would be, based on the cartoon.)

  3. :) Great comments, ladies. Thank you! Aimee: I will try to incorporate LFO into a sermon sometime. I hope you'll be willing to stand up front and rock out with me! :)

    Maggie - SCOOBY SNACKS ARE REAL!?!?!?! I will look at Fareway when I go shopping later this week.