Cookin' It Up: Pasta

Cookin it

Here is an easy and delicious pasta recipe!
It's called Mediterranean Spinach and Pasta.
I highly recommend it.

Step 1: Find the recipe.


For larger print: click HERE for the full recipe

Step 2: Put on the perfect record (aka Lawrence Welk)

Step 3: Get out all the ingredients.

Food blogging?

Step 4: Use the best invention ever to chop up the onion.

Step 5: Saute onions, olive oil, and garlic. Then add spinach and beans.

Onions garlic olive oil

Step 6: Boil the noodles.


Step 7: Mix all the ingredients together!

Yum Yum

Step 8: Try to take a pretty picture of our dinner!
Yum Yes Please

PS: As a side note, I am now 36 hours into: Stomach Virus 2012, and I think it's over!
Thankfully, I had pre-written the blog posts for Monday and Tuesday - as they would otherwise have made no sense. Contracting SV2012 has been a highly unpleasant experience, and I'll be glad to to re-enter society in a few hours. No more fever and the toast and crackers have been staying put for a day. It will take a few days to feel "normal" again, but I'm sure thankful to be heading in that direction.


  1. This Italian guy says your pasta looks delicious ... and healthy to boot!

    Hope SV2012 is history very soon for you! My co-worker had it in Dec for 3 days, miserable, but he survived. Guess his flu shot just covered the respiratory variety...ha.

    - Pete