Conscious Box: Product Review

Last month I was DELIGHTED to receive a wonderful box of products to review from a company that has created an idea called: Conscious Box.

In the interest of full disclosure...A few pieces of info to share right off the bat:

1) I received one conscious box for free but am not being paid to review it.

2) I love getting mail, so the mere fact of getting a box filled with wonderful tiny treasures in the mail did make me screech with delight even before I had opened it.

The concept is this: If you sign up for Conscious Box, you spend $21/month.
Each month you receive a lovely box filled with trial-size eco-friendly products to try out.

I think it's a neat idea, especially if you like trying out new products without having to commit to buying the item in its full size. There are several other companies who send out trial-size cosmetics in a monthly box, and I've heard good reviews of those, too.

Here are some pictures of my Conscious Box....




I thought it would be fun to briefly review all the products inside, so here you go!
I rated them all from 1 to 10. 10 being AMAZING and 1 being TOTALLY STINKS.

Honest Tea: 7....A mostly-tasty option for those who want a CapriSun style drink that is organic and has no high fructose corn syrup.

Kind Bar: 9...So so so yummy. I wish I could afford to eat them every day, but I will definitely pick them up from the health food store now and then for a special treat. Really yummy.

Glee Gum: 3...Sorry Glee Gum! It's a good concept! And I think if I stuck with it over time, I'd really appreciate it. But the flavor of the gum only lasted for about 2 minutes.

Pharmacopia: 8....Loved these products! Used up the body wash and still using the lotion. No harsh smells and no weird chemicals.

100% Pure: 9....In my Conscious Box there were 2 great lotion packets from this company. One smelled like green apple and the other like vanilla. They were so creamy and rich on my skin. I wish the samples would have been much more gigantic because the products were great.

Mary's Gone Crackers: 5...A double chocolate cookie that was really crunchy. Great idea and good company; I just don't like crunchy cookies as much as soft cookies.

Funky Monkey: 8...I like freeze dried fruit (also, no sugar added).

Cocoa Well: n/a - This is a cocoa supplement pill and I haven't taken it yet. There is just one in the pack, so I'm not sure that will give me a good feel for the product.

Living Nutz: 10! This is was my favorite item in the box! So delicious. Nuts that tasted like banana bread. Here's a link to the Living Nutz company: YUM!

To summarize:

It's wonderful to be really intentional about the products we buy. And it's great to be able to do some research and really understand the way the companies whose products we buy support the environment and the world.

Subscribing to Conscious Box is a good tool to use in switching to a more eco-friendly, business-conscious-friendly approach to consumerism. I encourage you to check it out; especially if you are just starting to dip your toes into the eco-friendly world.


  1. Thanks for this review - this looks like a neat idea.
    I'm thinking this could be a nice gift idea for your greener friends too.

  2. Oo how exciting! I went to the site and it said 19/month once shipping is included?

  3. Emily, that sounds like a lot of fun! I am going to check out Conscious Box for the New Year and see what goodies I get!

  4. hi hi hi! Glad you all liked the Conscious Box idea! I do, too.

    It's so fun to get mail and send mail!