Music Monday

Music Monday

It's Monday.
Here are some tunes I love.
Most of them are relatively new.
I'd love some blog comments with recommendations.
Let me know what you're listening to!

Florence and the Machine's new single: What the Water Gave Me

Dessa: Into the Spin

Marc Cohn: Walking in Memphis (This is a classic. I love it.)

Feist: How Come You Never Go There

Wilco: I Might

Peter, Bjorn, and John: Young Folks

Foster the People: Houdini


  1. Man Overboard ... they've dominated my life lately.

    Faster stuff while I'm running ... need the motivation. Usually some Sleeping With Sirens does the trick.


  2. 'Things we've handed down' by Marc Cohn is another great song of his.

    Aaron Copland - Billy the Kid Suite

    And I stumbled on some Natalie Merchant songs from Ophelia and Tigerlily recently that have been great to listen to again. Hadn't listened to her in 10 years!