Ever so slightly domestic...

Cookin it

Awhile back, I had the goal of cooking one real meal per week.
This is how I would express my progress: hahahahahahaha!

I do not cook one real meal per week.
I do make smoothies. And oatmeal. These days, I eat a lot of tomatoes from the garden.
But actual cooking? I can easily go many weeks without turning on the stove.
Hilariously, I collect cookbooks and cooking magazines!

Truthfully, I do love to cook. These days it's just hard to build cooking time into my schedule. I need to be more intentionally planful about it. Someday!

Now and then, though, I DO have domestic moments.

A blog I love is: Eat Live Run. I noticed the other day that Jenna posted a recipe for Earl Gray Peach Preserves.

It just so happens that my lovely, beautiful, wonderful friends from southern Illinois brought me a giant box of peaches the other week!



I froze most of them until I could decide what to use them for. Well guess what? I used many of them to make this recipe. And it TURNED OUT GREAT! I've been eating peach preserves by the spoonful!



Actually, come to think of it, I bet they'd be delicious in oatmeal!

Be sure to check out Jenna's blog for a full run-down on the recipe. It's very doable. And it turns out great. The dark flecks are the tea! It sounds weird but it's very, very yummy!


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