Friend Edition: Danielle

Friend Edition

My friend Danielle is a gem. She's a peach. She's one-of-a-kind. Danielle is also one of the most thoughtful, deep-thinking, intuitive, amazing people I've ever met. And guess what else? She's stylish and she has a blog. Take it away, Danielle....

Dan 3

Hello all!

When Ms. Emily Carson so graciously asked yours truly to lend my words and a bit of my fashion-ness to her exceptional blog, I racked my brain for the perfect item of clothing, the most personal fashion tip, the very essence that holds my wardrobe together. Although picking one small piece of this one large aspect of my life is seemingly cumbersome, I have decided to share the one secret that every wannabe fashionista should know:

Thee Shoes. Every shoe lover knows how it feels to catch a glimpse of the shoes that they know will fit just right, look just right, and be. just right. (i.e. the Thee to their life).

This is how I felt when I saw these wonderful flat oxfords. As I walked into Aldo on an average sunny afternoon, my heart caught in my throat and my eyes nearly escaped from me. I bought these shoes within three minutes of entering the store and could not be happier with my decision.

Shoes of this nature can be paired with fun skirts and dresses for the warm Minnesota days or (fashionable) business casual. Whatever you choose to adorn yourself in, these shoes take you wherever you need to be. Fashionably.

Good luck fellow fashionistas and fashionistos on finding the Shoes that necessitate a “Thee”.

Danielle 1

Dan 2

Also, here's Danielle's picture for last week's Word of the Week - Silly.
Thanks, Danielle! This is a photo of her amazing dog, Irving.
Truly - he is amazing!

Silly Irv

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  1. Danielle,

    I get that same "thee-ness" when I see a pair of expensive artistic roller skates. Someday.....as I couldn't buy them now unless I can find a believable rationale for my husband, since he's earning the money right now. Any ideas from the fashionistas????

    Your Aunt Trudy