Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: The Perfect Accessory

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This week's fashion tip: Simple does NOT equal boring! Now and then, you should definitely rock solid-colored dresses, skirts, shirts, and pants! I'm really into plain black dresses lately. In fact, I wore one Monday and Tuesday. Note: I am not in a time of mourning.

Sometimes I truly prefer simple and classy. Although, if you're going to go with the simple, classy look, you should consider adding a great accessory. You'll need a little something to add a spark of fun!

*For men, I recommend: great shoes, a nice watch, cool glasses, or an Ipad
*For women, I recommend: a long necklace, a fabulous scarf, a belt (obviously), or a cute cap
*For everyone, I recommend: my new favorite accessory, THE NEWSPAPER!

I am now an official subscriber of the Post-Bulletin (Rochester's local newspaper). I decided to go for it. I was semi-regularly reading the online version, but it's abbreviated. Plus, if I really want to be a writer, perhaps I should be more of a current events READER (novel idea, eh?).

Do you read the paper? Online? In print? What's your favorite section?


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  1. We subscribe to the only paper I can get delivered down here, The Southern Illinoisan, but online for the best national and international news, I read the Christian Science Monitor.