Thankful Thursday.Friday

Thankful Thursdays

It's Friday! Not Thursday! But we can still be thankful, right? Time for our weekly gratitude exercise. I'll share. Then you share. You know the drill.

I am thankful for:
-Repotting my office plants; they are so much happier now!
-Growing wheat grass
-Laughing so hard I want to throw-up at least 6 times this week
-Seeing some friends from Marion who always give me a happy heart
-A new flavor of DIET MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!
-Wednesday night at churchy-church
-Encouraging emails
-Weird dreams
-Celebrating the birthday of the coolest 4-year-old twins on planet earth by watching the most adorable video that their momma made
-Savers (it's like Goodwill; just WAIT until next week's Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista!)

Your turn. Gratitude please.


  1. - new friends who are becoming good friends
    - nap time
    - Kasen's laugh
    - plans for the weekend
    - knowing God has a bigger and better plan
    - my WSR sweatshirt I "acquired" (It would not make it on your Fashionista post!)

  2. -Reading about what Em is thankful for
    -Thankful that you posted this on Friday instead of Thursday because I desperately need an exercise in just being thankful right now
    -ALWAYS having my daily bread and so much more
    -ability to do laundry at my house
    -volunteers to help me with the marriage course
    -beautiful children
    -beautiful children finally both in bed (hopefully)
    -A God who loves me
    -the promise of spring and hope

  3. I'm thankful for:
    -the fact that you're thankful for my two miracles!
    - being in my hometown & seeing old friends
    -good books

  4. Beautiful lists. :) Thank you!