God in the Everyday

God in the Everyday

Please Pray

I often say that my favorite people on the planet are under the age of 10 and over the age of 80. I love people between the ages of 11 and 79, too. I just think the truest wisdom generally resides in the young and in the old. A dear friend of mine is in her 90s, and her days on earth are coming to a close. I wish there was some way to fully digest and remember every moment I have with her. She is humility and beauty and wisdom embodied.

On Sundays, I am always ecstatic to receive artwork and notes from children. Two days ago, I received a picture with a bonus message written on the top. "Please pray!" it said.

Interestingly, there were no better words this child could've written at the top of the coloring! A brilliant reminder at a perfect moment. I pray in my job all day every day. I love prayer. Daily I see it's indescribable worth and value. However, when it comes to my personal prayer life, I am sometimes (oftentimes) a bit lacking. I like to journal and blog and sing, so sometimes I just say, "Well, those activities represent my personal prayer life." And in many ways, those are prayerful pursuits. But there is surely something to be said for quiet, intentional time in conversation with God. Personal prayer is something I want to make a priority more often - not out of guilt or indebtedness but out of joy and sincerity. So, to the very wise child who reminded me to "Please Pray!" I say very sincerely, "Thanks for the wonderful reminder."

God shows up everywhere! In long lines at Target, in gut-bursting laughter with friends, in coloring pages received on Sunday mornings. Where have YOU seen God at work in the last few days?

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