Sun & Shadows

Sun and Shadows

I really like this quote. I love the idea of consciously working to soak in the positive and put in the negative in the past.

But what about the days when there is no sun?
I ask this both literally and figuratively.

Some days the sun doesn't peek out. Sometimes life is just clouds and more clouds.
Personally, I'm feeling quite sunny lately. And that's peachy - but I'm well aware that "blue skies and sunshine" is never the permanent forecast for any of our lives. There are plenty of times when it's hard to put our face to the sun because we can't seem to find it. We don't know which direction to face. What do we do then?

Maybe those are the times we rely on:
#1) Memory
#2) Community

The Bible is so cool. Seriously, I'm really falling in love with the Bible lately. I know - it has some REALLY bogus books and chapters. It's offensive in places - it makes no sense in other places. But in many respects, the Bible is so brilliant. It's this giant family scrapbook. For generations and generations people have used this book to learn the story of God.

For generations and generations, people have gone through times when they couldn't see the sun. And they used these stories to remind one another that the sun did shine and the sun WILL shine again.

In the meantime, we stand together - we surround one another with love - and we wait for the warm rays to find us once again.