Healthy and Whole: The Short Story

This week's assignment:

Write a short story.

I'm really going to attempt to complete this assignment, too.
The length of the story is totally up to you! 2 sentences, 2 pages, 2 chapters.
Whatever you prefer.

Life updates:
Where to begin?

There was a junior high lock-in at church from Friday-Saturday morning.
It was unique. Actually, someday I will write a longer post on this experience.
It made me think a lot about the challenges of being 14 and middle class in the United States these days. In some ways, they are kids of total privilege. Cell phones. Independence. Access to so much knowledge and educational opportunities. In other ways, they face real concerns. They are exposed to so much - and I am worried about their communication skills.

Anyway, I will someday write more about today's youth. I love them. I really do. I am thankful to have a job where I work with young people.

I just suddenly feel especially concerned about them.

In other news: another week of run-run-running is ahead. Hoping for moments of peace here and there.

Also: I should probably never allow myself to develop crushes. I might want to consider some version of Lutheran nunery.

In still other news: The garden seems to be doing well.

Have a lovely start to this new week.
Don't forget your short story.

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