Vanity of Vanities: Japanese Dreams

Check it out! An Adorable Japanese lunch! They are called "Bento Boxes."

I love Japan. At least, I love the Japan of my imagination; I've never actually been there. Ever since I became friends with two amazing Japanese ladies, Mihori and Tomoko (back in the Wartburg College days) I've been fascinated by Japanese culture. Mihori and Tomoko are two of the most amazing, delightful, wonderful people I've ever known! They taught me about rice cookers and sesame ginger salad dressing. They also taught me about humility, kindness, creativity, and fashion.

Someday, I sure hope to travel Japan. Until then, here are some objects and places I have crushes on.



Daikon radishes. Apparently they are super healthy, but nearly impossible to find around here.

Hello Kitty weddings!

Hello Kitty hotel!

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