Interesting Person: Courtney

This week's interesting person is the lovely Courtney! Enjoy the interview and visit her website: http://yahwehyoga.com/

Courtney Chalfant/ 39/Chandler, AZ/Owner of Yahweh Yoga LLC

1. Where do you feel most comfortable? On my yoga mat.

2. Describe your average day in one word. Peaceful

3. Who are the people who most inspire you? Jesus,Seane Corn, My mom

4. What do you love about your work? EVERYTHING! I love to share the beauty of yoga with believers. It is such a rewarding life to be able to do what you love with the people you love. I am very blessed. I am honored to be one of the leaders in the Christian Yoga movement across the world.

5. What is your most beloved hobby? Yoga

6. What are you reading? The Intentional Woman By Joan Webb and Carol Travilla

7. What is the best advice you've ever received? To surrender my expectation to God.

8. What movie or television show do you think everyone should be required to watch? The Passion of The Christ- I KNOW , I KNOW it is hard but powerful. We just had a group come to the studio (Yahweh Yog) on good Friday to watch. Urgg. It is like you grieve all over again.

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