I love comedies. I adore laughing so hard I get a stomach ache. Multiple sources (online movie reviewers, film experts, friends) told me that "The Hangover" was supposed to be the most hilarious movie of 2009. After watching it, I can definitley say that I do NOT concur with this finding. This leads me to believe that I may be at fault; maybe my internal "funny meter" is broken or unconventional. :)

Did I laugh out loud? Yes, but only twice. Most of the time I thought, "This is just another goof-ball comedy."

One special bonus: Bradley Cooper is one of the actors. And he is quite handsome.

All that being said, if you're in the mood for a stupid comedy set in Las Vegas about a bachelor party - you should watch "The Hangover." Just don't go into expecting it to be groundbreaking
or particularly unique and hilarious.

Final Rating: 4 stars out of 10


  1. I totally agreed. It was funny in parts but I don't think it was the funniest movie of the year. How are you honey?

  2. Hey lady! I'm doing great. How are you? I am loving your blog!!!!!