Healthy and Whole: Affirmation

Happy "Brand New Week" - time to start again. :) I love the ever-freshness of Sundays.

I've been noticing that people can be awfully hard on themselves (I am a culprit of this tragedy as well). To balance out our negative self-talk, I think most of us would really benefit from gobbling up a big bowl of self-affirmations! 

So our assignment for the week is this: Write down 5 qualities that make you terrific. I mean it. You need to take a pause and do this right now. I'd adore it if you shared as a comment, but if not, that's okay, too. The main thing is: YOU BETTER DO THIS ASSIGNMENT! Truly. Please. Write down 5 of your most delightful qualities or characteristics or skills.

There are probably going to be some annoying moments this week and probably some stressful ones, too. Please keep your "I'm Awesome Because" list handy. I'd like you to consult it when you're feeling less than terrific. Please work extra hard to remember this week: you are wonderful.

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