Art All Around: Avatar

Today's movie review will be quite brief.  I went to Avatar last week with a dear pal.  Even though neither of us really wanted to see Avatar, we did want to see another movie being nominated for Oscars.   So we ended up going to Avatar in 3D.  Here are some pros and cons of the movie and the movie-going experience.

-I had an allergic reaction to the 3D glasses (nerd alert) so I was only able to wear them off and on
-One of the most cheese-ball story lines ever created for the big screen
-Way too long
-Way too much fighting

-Visually stunning
-Made me want to build a personal avatar 
-Plenty of ridiculous, silly, quotable lines.  One major example is a line my friend and I have been quoting to each other all week: "I see you"  
-Cute lead actor

So there you have it.  

My final rating: 5 stars out of 10

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