Healthy and Whole

As an avid lover of words, I relish in hearing people use words from other eras. Isn't it fun to hear words like "swell," "keen," and "swanky"? Adding words to our vocabularies is such a lovely way to keep life interesting! This being so, our "Healthy and Whole" assignment for this week is to pick a word (or phrase) that had its hay-day sometime between the 1920s and the 1950s; and then use that word or phrase all week!

Here are a few helpful links to utilize as you choose your word:

Or you can do a google search for "words of the 1930s/40s/50s" and you'll come up with all kinds of hits!

A personal favorite that I highly doubt I'd be able to use in the coming week is: "That mouse was quite a dish." It means, "That was a really hot date."

My word for the week that I do hope to be able to use is: "frosted." It means: "angry." I hope to use it in a situation like this:

Person: "Pastor Emily, I'm pretty mad that we can't find any helpers for worship on Wednesday."
Me: "No need to get frosted. I'm sure everything will work out just fine."

:) Just kidding. I wouldn't actually use it in that context. But I would sort of like to. How could anyone stay upset after hearing the word "frosted"?

Have a great week! Be sure to choose a fun word!

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  1. In lieu of an "era" word, our family is listening to a new album inspired by the 50's! Sandra Boynton is a children's author (hands down a favorite at the Showalter household), and she occasionally collaborates with great singers to made absolutely fun fun fun albums for kids and their grown ups. We gave "Blue Moo" to Cade for V-Day and haven't stopped listening to it since!
    Visit http://www.workman.com/boynton/ and scroll down just a bit. A little video is on the right side to get a taste!