Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage

Buenos dias.  Happy Lunes to you. A new week has begun, and I have a feeling it's going to be quite tremendous and stupendous.  A quick update:

While on vacation I realized I was wrongly resenting my vocation because I felt like it was sucking away my life.  However, I realized that actually I just need to be more intentional about making time for other aspects of my life!  Come on, Emily, time to take a little responsibility here!  No one is forcing me to work 14 hours a day; I'm just putting crazy pressure on myself do be perfect and somehow make everyone happy.  But we all know that never works, and in turn, I'm just making myself sad and overwhelmed.  So, because I don't want to resent a vocation and career that I actually dearly love, I'm starting a Brand New Life today.  In this Brand New Life, I will be doing the following things each day:

*20 minutes working on the novel (yes, I actually started it!)
*20 minutes practicing my Spanish (prepare yourselves for Spanglish blog interruptions now and then; Maggie - you speak Spanish, right?  Can you help me with this goal?)
*30 minutes of exercise
*20 minutes on the blog

Total: 90 minutes every day to help keep me healthy and well-rounded and positive and in love with life and ministry!

And - one more goal I REALLY want to stick to: at least 7 hours of sleep every night.  

So, writing that took about 10 minutes, so that leaves 10 minutes for today's regularly scheduled blog post: "Art All Around."  Today I'll be quickly reviewing Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage.   Here is a picture of Elizabeth and a picture of the book:

-I learned a lot about the tumultuous and ever-changing history of marriage.
-After reading Eat, Pray, Love last year, I wondered what happened to Elizabeth.  This book continues her real-life love and life journey.  

Things I didn't love about the book:
-Well, actually, I really liked it.  There aren't many things I didn't like.  She comes down a little overly critical of Christians sometimes.  But she speaks quite highly of Jesus.  So I can't really criticize her too much for that because Jesus is super cool and sometimes Christians can be pretty lame.  Although I do have hope that as Christians remember what Jesus actually said and did - we can get a more positive, productive, Jesus-like reputation going.  

So, my final recommendation is: Read it.  Gilbert is a great author.  I like her and her newest book quite a lot.  My brother liked the book, too.  Enjoy!

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