This week's wrap-up includes links to the top stories of the last 7 days:

*There was a devastating earthquake in Haiti; rescue and clean-up continues
New York Times article by Marc Lacey
Terrific essay by David Brooks
A collection of "How to Help" links

*Ke$ha topped the music charts (I'll admit it; I have downloaded a few of her songs on Itunes). Click on her name and it will lead you to an interview she did with NPR. The last quote is my favorite: "I'm not a moron, so there!"

*A new, large spider was found in Israel. It makes me smile to think that this discovery brings huge joy into the lives of spider scientists. I'm glad there are people to appreciate these creepy critters.

*All the drama over NBC's late night line-up continued.

*I gave up on John Mayer and decided I will marry Jake Gyllenhaal instead.

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