Recent, random highlights from around the inter-web-osphere:

-The fabulous band Vampire Weekend offers a sneak-preview of their new album "Contra" on NPR: First Listen

-Iowa wins the Orange Bowl. In addition, I watched my first full Vikings game (okay, I watched ALMOST all of it; they won big time).

-I discovered the fantastic artwork of Nikki Catalano: Etsy Shop

-Evidence is discovered that cave people wore make-up: BBC article

-Drama over at NBC: CNN article

-Soulpancake gets a make-over: Soulpancake

-Kim Peek, the inspiration for Rain Man, dies: Article from the New York Times

-Sting's beautiful wife, Trudie Styler, is featured on Martha Stewart for her "Yoga Show" episode: Here's a link to Martha's truly fabulous website (Seriously, this woman has made such a come-back! Go Martha Go!)


  1. I LOVE Vampire Weekend!!

  2. Thanks for the link to Nikki's Etsy shop! I am determined to have an original piece of art created especially for each of my children displayed in their rooms. If we have a girl (finding out Tuesday!), I might just have to contact this talented lady. Don't you just gasp at others' talent? Artists floor me.