Re-capping some of the week's top stories:

-Hope for Haiti Now was covered by all the networks on Friday night. Justin Timberlake made me cry.
*Youtube video of his performance last night.

-Conan hosted The Tonight Show for the last time. *tear*

-The real story of Haiti's history and possible future is becoming more clear each day.
*Op-Ed piece by Mark Danner

-Bill Clinton and George Bush teamed up to raise funds for Haiti
*Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

-Major election excitement in Massachusetts; Scott Brown (R) was the winner
*5 Interesting facts about Mr. Brown

-Google might soon be outlawed in China!

-John Edwards is the baby's daddy and now everyone has confirmation of what we all suspected anyway.

-Vikings football fans had something to cheer about. Cowboys fans had something to cry about.
*New York Times Blog

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