Movie Review: Goodbye Solo
Director: Ramin Bahrani
Writers: Ramin Bahrani and Bahareh Azimi
Lead actor: Souleymane Sy Savane

I added this movie to my Netflix Que a few weeks ago because it made A. O. Scott's "Top 10 Movies of 2009" list in the New York Times. It is a beautiful movie about life, death, and friendship. It's poetic and heart-wrenching.

Breakout actor Souleymane plays the role of a Senegalese taxicab driver named Solo. I instantly fell in love with his enthusiasm for life and irresistible smile. He uses phrases like: "Big Dawg" and "Original Playa." Solo's life is filled with joy in some ways (his wife is pregnant) and stagnant in other ways (he finds his job unfulfilling).

One night while he's driving his cab , Solo's life intersects with the life of an older, completely unhappy gentleman named William. William is troubled. And he doesn't want anyone or anything to make him un-troubled.

Solo, William, and Solo's step-daughter (Alex) have a variety of adventures within the span of a week or two. All are changed.

This film is not rated. It contains some bad language, and it tackles the subjects of depression and suicide.

It is a fantastic film. There are high moments and very low moments.

My personal rating: 8.5 stars out of 10


  1. Wow Emily, you liked this much more than I did. We rented it a few months ago from Redbox because of the awards listed on the cover, and were greatly disappointed by it. I just could not get into the plot, I found it rather random and sketchy; not deep enough. It explored a lot of emotions, but I was suprised when I saw the top ten episode of At The Movies and EO picked it!

  2. :) I did like it, but that probably has to do with some recent ministry encounters relating to suicide.

    Your girls are getting so big and adorable! How's the job?