Highlights from some of this week's news & not-really-news stories:

1.  Journalists continue to do an amazing job of covering what's happening in Haiti.  A couple gems:
-Kate Snow is an ABC reporter.  Here's her Twitter feed.  She's really terrific.
-"Tracking Aid to Haiti"

2.  ABC Nightline made me mad last night with their interview with this bozo, Andrew Young (Bob Woodruff, what are you doing?  You're way too cool for this kind of interview!).  Young really seemed to bashed Elizabeth Edwards.  I usually like Nightline, so I'm quite disappointed.  This story line with John Edwards and his baby and his mistress and his wife with terminal cancer is mostly just really sad and terrible. 

3.  I realized the real king of late night is Jimmy Fallon!  He's so funny! And he's not funny in a mean way like lots of the other late night people.  He's sweet and a little awkward.  I wish I could stay up late enough to watch every night!

4.  Big and exciting week in international "frog news"!
-A crazy color-changing frog (or colour-changing as the lovely Brits say) 

5.  I love "The Onion."
-Funny backpack story mentioning the Fleet Foxes!
-Phonies mourn death of famous author.


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