I went to the grocery store with an actual list!

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I got a new cookbook for Christmas, and I must recommend it to you all! The title is: "Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200" by Lisa Lillien. (It's currently on sale through Amazon. I also saw it on clearance at TJ Max). It's 200 recipes under 200 calories. Even though the cookbook title includes the word "girl" - it's really a cookbook for anyone! I'm really enjoying it. I don't plan to follow the recipes exactly (I will use real eggs instead of Egg Beaters), but they are adaptable. I've traveled through the cookbook over the last few days marking recipes I want to try. And then today, I headed over to the local Fareway grocery store with my list of items to purchase. I was delightfully surprised that the grocery store had almost everything on my list!

I'm hoping that this new cookbook and a refridgerator filled with ingredients will get me back into the healthy living/healthy eating pattern.

What cookbooks are you using these days? What's your favorite thing about grocery shopping?

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  1. That sounds like a great cookbook. I really like a cookbook my mom gave me called The 4 Ingredient Cookbook. Everything has 4 ingredients or less. I find some cookbooks frustrating because they require some specialty items. We try to keep a pretty low grocery budget. I also plan our meals out each week and go purchase items for all the meals in one trip. It forces me to plan ahead, stick to my list at the store, and not stress each night in trying to decide what to eat since I already have menu lined up.