Advent in Your Everyday: Day #4

Today's Photo: "Gabriel Returns"

I’ve really got to write these things down. Before I forget.”

-A modern-day “Wise Man” speaking yesterday on the topic of keeping a record of his family’s history

Yesterday it seemed that everywhere I went the same theme kept coming up: genealogy.
It was amazing! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it; I had a very clear feeling of: “Okay, this is not just a coincidence – there’s a lesson here in the midst of all this serendipity.”

Interestingly, genealogy is a part of the Advent story, too.
Check out chapter 1 of the Gospel of Matthew. I have a habit of skipping right over it (even in Bible study last week!). Or the end of chapter 4 of Ruth; I usually skip that part, too. Anytime I see a long series of names listing generation after generation in the Bible, I am likely to move right on to the next chapter. But after talking to so many people yesterday about their family trees, I feel inspired to read the the family trees in the Bible in their entirety, too. So what if I don’t know how to pronounce a good portion of the names, right?

The point isn’t to pronounce all the names in the genealogy correctly.
The point is to recognize that everyone is connected. Does my family line run directly down from King David? No. But if we went back far enough, there would be a connection between all of us. Isn’t that phenomenal? It’s amazing. I’ve heard that whole: “We’re all related” idea before, but until this very moment, I never thought much about it. We really are all related! Wow. These weeks of Advent seem to be a great opportunity to absorb the wonder of the connectedness among us all: throughout all of life’s generations.

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