Advent in Your Everyday: Day #20

Today's Photo: "Reflections"

"For the Mighty One has done great things for me - and holy is his name."
-Mary (the mother of Jesus)

"That song is singing into me" - (from the song "Breathe" by The Cinematic Orchestra)

The gospel text for Sunday is Luke 1:39-55. In these verses, a pregnant Mary heads out to visit her much older, miraculously pregnant cousin, Elizabeth. They are super excited to see each other. And then Mary spontaneously bursts into song. It's really quite the song; in fact, it's actually pretty radical!

Mary first describes what God has done for her personally, and then she speaks about what God has done for her ancestors and the rest of God's people. She sings about how the disenfranchised - the "lowly" - are lifted up by the Lord. Mary shares a portrait of God's rulership that is completely counter cultural - she describes a world where the powerful lose their power and the rich have to give up their riches. And in this equalizing of resources - Mary sings that God's mercy is revealed.

Mary's song is terrific. I love it. But more than that, I'm fascinated this week by the idea that Mary was singing at all! She was young, unmarried, and impregnated by the Holy Spirit! Can you imagine the scandal?!? What do you think her family said? What do you think Joseph's family said? I can only assume that Mary was dealing with some major struggles in her personal life at this time. She was probably happy to leave town for a few months and head into a place where she was the center of controversy. Thank the Lord for cousin Elizabeth! Elizabeth understands what's going on - Elizabeth has a glimpse of the bigger picture. And she is filled with so much joy at the sight of her little cousin Mary.

Mary sings a song of praise is the midst of what was probably the most confusing time in her young life.

How inspiring. Sing, Mary - Sing.

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