Sunday time = Weekly assignment time

Today's Photo: "Abridged"

Happy Sunday. I hope you are all doing well. Is it chilly where you are? It’s chilly in Minnesota today. But thankfully, the sunshine is basting everyone in her glorious, cheerful rays.

I found another weekly assignment for us from “How to be an Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith.

This week’s assignment is: Exploration #15 which states, “Record everything you purchase for one week.” I’m going to really try to do this. Would you like to join me? No one has to turn in results or anything, but I’m personally very curious to see what I’m purchasing on a weekly basis. Probably too much. So it will be a good way to be a bit more intentionally focused on what I whip out the ol’ debit card for throughout the course of 7 days.

Have a great Sunday afternoon doing whatever you do on Sunday afternoons: football watching, napping, reading, cleaning, family time-ing, or snuggling up with a comfy blanket.

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